Tuesday, November 25, 2014

From the First Record That I Owned

I think this is a relatively rare item as I looked for mention of it for years on the Internet. Finally someone posted something about it. I have tons of records and will eventually find it, but it will no doubt be heavily scratched. I found my one of my favorite segments of the show and it happens to include one of the poems they recycled for the album:

"Don't worry Dahlink, remember this is just cartoon."

"That voice Bullwinkle. Where have I heard that voice?"

One other favorite segment is when the narrator is taken hostage and gagged. :)

I tried to get the address "airy persiflage" for one of my blogs but, no dice. And someone does a very competent job with that blog title but Blogspot needs to weed out some of the best names taken early and never really used like nodice.blogspot.com