Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Well, damn. Or hurray. I'm not sure which it is. I was comparing versions and realized I had recently been mysteriously recording in what appeared to be mono. I like mono mixes, just not one's done unintentionally. So I got out a record I knew like the back of my hand to calibrate and figure Microsoft settings for stereo... and sure enough somehow a setting had been changed back to default mono. hmmmm

At any rate. While I was messing around I decided to put together the two halves of "Ram On" by Macca. (less searchable names, you know. shhhh... We don't want the whole world in here do we? )

Audacity is a fine program but I might want to invest in the Adobe Audition sound program soon.

I guess as long as I am calibrating the turntable and figuring out how to timeshift, fade in, out, amplify... etc... on the Audacity program... heck, endless learning is part of any hobby... I might as well test out the durability of this blog to challenges it will probably endure. My first attempt at wedding the "Ram On" parts was full of learning but my attempt is not even close to where I would like it to be...

However, the vinyl has the same dreamy feeling that I remember as a young man... not so with the CD, I don't think. Clarity is not always the thing and I believe some mistakes have been slyly mixed down as well.. Clarity of mistakes please... transparency in mistakes should be a requirement. :) ...I enjoy hearing all the good things on CD I have never heard clearly. For instance, Macca wife's voice is more distinct in the better mixes of some albums. I like her voice, it is comforting in some way. But, sorry, I remember this song differently from the version on the CD. I will have to compare some day soon side by side on the same speakers. And then, I'm not at all sure what happens to it when converted to mp3 and then to avi for this blog. I guess I might want to look into that as well. Endless fun in complication. :)

Anyway, note the voices in the background towards the end. Is that clear on the CD? What would Dark Side of the Moon be without the interview voice edits? :)  "Ram On" is an ethereal wall of backing vocal/instrumental sound. Mistakes and oddities were celebrated.