Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Esquivel and the Road Zamboni

Since recently listening with the feeling of the needle hitting the vinyl of Martin Denny, THE Martin Denny record that started my interest in music, I have been listening to lounge music in my car. I went through Les Baxter songs. All music seems wonderful to me now. This is not muzak but nicely done creative instrumentations. 

So after I exhausted Les Baxter, apparently my iPod was on to Esquivel. My iPod interfaces with my car and it intimidates me. I have so many songs that I find it difficult to do anything except shuffle. After all, When you are driving, do you really want to search things? 

However, despite this, I had found the genre of "lounge" before I left my driveway and have been listening to songs for days. Sometimes I skip a particularly bad one. but I try to keep an open mind. 

Then there was Esquivel. I kind of knew what to expect out of Esquivel but what I did not expect was to be stopped at an intersection, blocked by a thing that looked like a huge Zamboni that was grinding up the road and spitting it out like a harvester into a truck in front of it. There was a state trooper car sitting there.... just threatening...  no help with the intersection or instructions on where to drive. On top of this huge machine behind the huge truck was a guy sitting in an airconditioned cabin, looking for all the world like a southern boy so happy to finally be going through the intersection with people being forced to see that he was the driver of the machine that chomped up the road. To the left of me was some other good old boy cursing because of the delay and... as the guy slowly Zambonied through the intersection in front of me, the soundtrack was this:

I have not been the cheeriest of persons in my recent days, but.. honestly, this cheered me up to the point of uncontrollable laughter. I am cheery now and hope to stay that way for a while.

Just to give you a better sense of Esquivel, here is the song I was listening to before the moment, as I was gliding down the road not a care in the world until of course, the road Zamboni, which stated  immediately "You will be late for work...."

Sometimes you just have to laugh. It is good for you. Music, it is always good for you. Listen... the life affirmation is there.

"My Blue Heaven" had to be my mother's favorite song, not in this version, of course.

She sang it to me a lot and changed the lyrics to include our family particulars.