Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My original receiver.

Well, there it is. It is the same model of receiver that I had as a child. It sure looks spiffy!! :) 

I just purchased a used model for $38 which included shipping. It will come some time this week, I guess. What a pittance to pay for something I long ago threw away and have regretted doing so ever since. I have a pre-amp that I use with a newer model receiver now, which also has a usb connection. But this wonderful beauty above has a phono input... like everything did back then. It is kind of obviously low-fi, but at the time, no one could have told me there was anything better than this thing which cost $139 at the time, I believe. That was a lot of money for my parents to shell out for my Christmas present. This coupled with a Dual turntable and 4 Panasonic speakers, I think that was their brand as well, was just amazing. My dad had a little gadget that delayed the back two speakers into a kind of fake 4 channel. I used this bit of hardware years later to fake 4 channel sound for my TV. 

The really awesome thing was that Dad mounted speakers on the walls of my bedroom to create a rather good sound stage. Dad... he loved electronics.

I should no longer worry about throwing things away that I might want later. I should just document the details necessary to find them on ebay later and put them into circulation at my local thrift shop. If I ever want it later, well, I don't have to search through the attic to find it. 

I have searched for this thing numerous times and finally decided that I must have thrown it away. Does one ever remember throwing things out? Most of my life I lived in apartments with minimal storage. Had I kept all my stuff, the amount of money I would have spent on storage would be quite a tidy sum by now. So.. technically, I could save money by throwing things away and rebuying them later. This is all theory mind you. 

You can see I am excited to see this come in the mail. I hope it works well. After all, these things must be at least 45 years old by now.