Friday, July 4, 2014

M'Bira - Martin Denny

Martin Denny was really my first love musically. Yes, the Beatles were obviously the main inspiration to my love of music, but I was listening to Martin Denny before that time. My dad had a fair number of albums, maybe 40. I cannot remember them all and I doubt I saved them all.

I certainly saved Martin Denny's Primitiva. For one thing it had an awesome girl on the cover.

I know this album so well. I cannot possibly comment on it objectively. It is part of my being. 
Going back over the songs on the album, I have chosen one that was a favorite when I was 5 years old, and is still awesome today. The record came out the year I was born. 

Here is the exotic " M'Bira " from the same vinyl I played at least a hundred times when I was young:

See the instrument the song is named after, the m'bira, played properly:

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